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ACCURACY (departures): 34,62 (avrg. delay, minutes)
ACCURACY (arrivals): 11,49 (avrg. delay, minutes)
RELIABILITY: 1,76 (avrg. amount of cancels, %)

UTair Aviation

A major world helicopter operator. (The company is among the top four world helicopter airline companies by volume of operations.) It flies Russian-manufactured helicopters.

Immense experience of operating on Russian and foreign helicopter services markets. UTair is a vertically integrated business structure that ensures high-level flight safety and offered services. Major Russian industrial companies traditionally choose UTair. Most its customers represent the oil and gas industry.

Choosing weighty specialized helicopter companies for the needs of the oil and gas industry helps the customer avoid unexpected production difficulties and non-core expenses for operating, maintaining and repairing his own helicopters. As a part of the collaboration with the customer, UTair Aviation will develop a rational transportation plan, provide relative transport and ensure the delivery of cargo at the lowest cost.

Loading operations can be carried out at any place and do not require any infrastructure. In addition, the airline company will handle all organizational and preparatory procedures. According to the present technology, when dealing with external loads, all loading operations shall be carried out by specially trained riggers and hookers of the customer under control of specialists from the airline company. In the event of long-term collaboration, the customer's personnel can be trained in UTair's Personnel Training Center in Tyumen, so that the customer could handle loading himself.

UTair uses the same scheme with the Surgutneftegas Public Company - the number one supplier of transport services using Mi-26 helicopters both in Russia and the world. This is mainly owing to a unique technology that Surgutneftegas came up with to transport geological prospecting equipment.

The main idea of this technology is using Mi-26 helicopters to transport drilling crews and rigs. A traditional method is based on the ground transportation of cargo and requires expensive highways and winter roads. Before implementing this technology, Surgutneftegas had to reduce the weight of indivisible modules of drilling rigs (mainly diesel-electric power stations) to 18-19 tons.

Today, a drilling team with a drilling rig can be transported anywhere across 100km within 1.5 days, which creates the possibility for the Customer to reduce expenses on operating many drilling rigs. This method of transportation makes it possible to significantly minimize geological prospecting costs and reduce the terms of putting new drilling rigs into operation.

Entering new international aviation markets is a priority for the UTair airline company in the development of its helicopter business now. Technical characteristics of Russian-produced helicopters ensure great competitive advantages for UTair Aviation in terms of productiveness, safety and easiness in operation, compared to Western helicopter manufacturers. The economic sufficiency and expediency of using UTair's helicopters abroad has been proven by many years of collaboration between the Company and the UN organization.

Date modified: 10.07.2011